Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Power of Play Zone

Move over laughter. Playing is now officially the best medicine!

The "Power of Play" is a healing force, and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital emphasizes the importance of play in children’s lives — so much so that they have a whole zone at the KIDS EXPO filled with fun activities for the whole family!

Plus, enjoy the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Teddy Bear Clinic! Where little ones can play doctor and give stuffed animals a check up!

FREE Teddy Bear Clinic – Little ones can play doctor and give stuffed animals a check up at our Teddy Bear Clinic! Children are given an overview of the healthcare setting and introduced to medical equipment they might encounter in a doctor's office or hospital. When they are done “playing doctor”, each child gets their very own mini teddy bear to take home too!

FREE Face Painting – Has your child ever wanted to look like a fairy, dinosaur or cowboy? Here's their chance! Kids 12 & under can get their face painted for FREE at the KIDS EXPO, courtesy of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital!

FREE Meet & Greet with the Berenstain Bear Family - Come spend the day with your favorite storybook characters - Mama, Papa, Brother & Sister Bear! Meet and Greets will occur throughout the day at the KIDS EXPO!

FREE Interactive Activities – More details coming soon!

FREE Giveaways – More details coming soon!

Teddy Bear Clinic